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Welcome to Cover Fitness,


I’m Adam Stansbury (on the right) and Mark Chesters (on the left) we’re Holistic Personal Trainers, focusing on the bigger picture of your Health.

We work with Men and Women wanting to improve their Health, Body Composition and Performance by using sustainable strategies to improve Mindset, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Exercise for a complete holistic service that achieves optimal results.

We’re on a Mission to raise Awareness and Consciousness in the way we Think, Live, Eat and Move.

For 1-2-1 Holistic Personal Training we’re available around Fulham, Chelsea, Notting Hill and Mayfair in London.

So whether you need advice on how to transition from a meat based diet to a plant based one, supplement with vitamin D, coaching tips for performing a squat or maybe how to get into a good sleep routine then we can help you.

You can work with us Online, so no matter where you are in the world you can reach us and we can help you.

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Improving Health is at the forefront of my practice as your coach. By taking a holistic approach to your fitness and improving your Mindfulness, Lifestyle Structure, Nutritional Habits and Activity Levels we can make sure your health will improve dramatically.

This will also have a positive effect on Body Composition and Performance.

Body Composition

Improving your Body Composition by losing excess body fat and increasing lean muscle tissue will have a dramatic effect on improving your overall Hormonal Balance and your Metabolism.

This will also have a positive effect on Health and Performance.


Performance is also an essential part of my coaching, improving Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Function and Work Capacity, which will enhance your bodies overall efficiency of movement, enabling you to adapt to and enjoy intensive training whilst reducing the possibility of injury.

This will also have a positive effect on Health and Body Composition.

How Can We Help You?

Use our years of knowledge, experience and support to improve your Health, Body Composition and Performance

Battling with Weight?

… and have tried every diet out there and don’t know where to turn next?

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Feeling Stressed?

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Frustrated with Training?

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Functional Movement?

…feel like a prisoner in your own body and need more functional movement in your life?

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Body Composition

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Body Composition